• PFS extends our most sincere condolences to the family and friends of Joe Frazier. We feel extremely honored to have had the opportunity to premiere Mike Todd's biopic of the fighter, Joe Frazier: When the Smoke Clears, at the 20th Anniversary Philadelphia Film Festival. Our thoughts are with all those who knew the great fighter.

  • We are pleased to announce director Malia Bruker as the winner of our first-ever Short Film Competition! Bruker's film, CHASE, won this inaugural Competition, which was generously support by the Knight Arts Challenge. Thank you to all of our finalists, as well as all the wonderful filmmakers who entered the Competition!

Without knowing the details of the film, someone walking past a poster for My Week with Marilyn would certainly think it was yet another Marilyn Monroe biopic. They would, however, be mistaken. Though a spitting image of the Hollywood icon, the face staring out from the glossy posters is not Marilyn’s but Michelle Williams’. Along with Eddie Redmayne, Kenneth Branagh, and Dame Judi Dench, Williams stars in this intimate glimpse of the most famous actress in the world.

By LeAnne Lindsay

He was a mysterious figure in American history. His personal life was always shrouded in mystery ... He was this bulldog figure, the face of the FBI, and he changed our country in a time of great lawlessness. Bank robbers were going from state to state becoming local heroes; he cleaned up all that mess. Got rid of the Commies and Bolshevik invasion while single handily creating this new federal police force. He was part of modern forensics and identifying everybody in our country. But then there were all those salacious rumors that you heard about him too.